On Diwali: Glorious, Magical, Bittersweet

Apprexiate to see the curiosity for the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS….ONE SHOULD NEVER FORGET ONES ROOTS….)))))

cappy writes

Only the best restaurant I've ever eaten at in Bangalore. Only the best restaurant I’ve ever eaten at in Bangalore.

It’s Diwali, and with that comes so much light and love and happiness for me as a Hindu. I continually learn about elements of my faith with each passing holiday, so I always have a hard time explaining Diwali to other people, but the most beautiful thing for me about Hinduism is that I feel it deep in my soul. I understand it there first, and then in my head. That doesn’t always sit well with others, but its what makes Hinduism mine. It’s why I am Hindu and not Jain or Sikh or Muslim or Jewish or anything else. I am inherently Hindu, deep through my core, and it bursts out of me in the most glorious ways. I am a human representation of the physical aspect of Diwali.

I am drawn, like that cliche moth to its mother…

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Bare-Faced Cheek

God read…!! )))

Because I Can

For about six months now, I’ve been conducting an experiment with myself. It consists of a simple thing, that will be normal to many women, but it’s not normal for me – going out into the world with as little makeup on as possible, if any.

A few years ago, I saw a counsellor who set me a challenge – think of something that would take me out of my comfort zone and do it, one day a week, for a month. I thought of the worst thing possible for me – going out without makeup on – and chose to set myself that task. I remember going to work, cringing inside, head bowed low … and finding that nothing happened. I had to ask someone – a woman who always commented on everything I wore or my hairstyle – if she’d noticed anything different about me. She just said I…

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Love Poems are a Dime a Dozen


Wine and Cheese (Doodles)

i write this
blind no experience
no background. write without
the benefit of stanza
verse or prozac. i

write to you:
a thousand words of
poetic translation ultimate
frustration. without bending
or melting myself into
color sound or feeling. without
hiding behind pretty metaphors
or white and glossy symbols. this

is not a poem of bread crumbs:
it will not does not can not
lead you anywhere beyond a now;
beyond a you, beyond an i.

it would be easy to
give you a treasure map that
would lead you along red veins
until you reached the gold X
of memory or to describe the hiss
of steam from your fingerprints
splaying across skin. it would be
simple to fill a page with
silk and syrup…..but

this poem is blind deaf dumb to
that: passionless but slow steady
dripping with want of understanding. it
lacks the juice of early morning kisses

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In the Heat of the Moment

good read

Shelley Sackier

There are moments when you feel the stars align and the gods have smiled down upon you, and then there are the moments when you’re actually awake.

041014leemarvin (800x760)

This week has been an exercise in staying off the “She’s gone postal” bulletin. I’m sure it’s not been pleasant for anyone around me, despite my epic efforts to remain sane and calm and far away from a loaded shotgun.

It all began with a tiny glitch in the air conditioning.

041014glitches (787x800)

The “glitch” was that it stopped working. And I’m sure everyone is perfectly aware of the chapter in the manual that states all A.C. glitches will occur at precisely the moment when previously unseen record blowing heat waves sweep across your area and stall atop your house. This is a given.

041014heatwaves (800x708)

Fueled by an inordinate amount of optimism, I brush it off and call the repair fellah who kindly comes three days later…

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The Eroticism of Placelessness

Cody Delistraty

On the way loneliness, freedom, and romance are intertwined.

For the past few weeks, I’ve woken up unsure exactly where I am. My bed, a modest full size, looks out onto a cobblestone courtyard framed by green linden trees and an intricately decorated castle. I’m in a pocket-sized one-bedroom apartment and although it is behind the Place des Vosges in Paris, by the looks of it I could be in Normandy or Toulouse, even Vermont. For that matter, there is no real way for me to know the year is 2014: save for the circle-pronged electrical outlet tucked behind my dresser, I could be waking up in the eighteenth century. In the haze of the early morning, these things tend to meld together.

The feeling of placelessness is a bit like a dream: the heightened romance, the intense brooding, the inherently transitory nature of the whole affair. Placelessness happens…

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The Real Life

Experiencing a paradox in life real time space wob makes me write it.. i used to mock the ‘BEFORE’ AND ‘AFTER’ pictures in the telly adds thinking its fake.. but life mocked at me teaching me a lesson of lifetime..
Yes, Frustrated I am as u must be thinking after reading the beginning..
My mistake as my parents think is I fell in Love.. belonging to a conservative Indian family doesnt give me the right to select my life partner which turned my life upside down.
Anyways, now that i have given up on my ‘life’ as i call it.. i loved my life.. i loved to talk.. i loved my job..i loved to roam around alone.. although a skinny skeleton i am, despite this, i loved to eat and sleep..
Wish that stupid fellow didnt call my parents and i would have lived my life.. In a way, what happened was for my good..But just because i commiitted the mistake of loving someone , I lost my Before….

Sitting jobless at Home in a small town gives me so much leisure that i spent past two months depressed foodless crying shouting in thinking how to rise again.. Broken as i am my nerves have stopped all connection to the superb brains i once had.. I see my parents perform their daily chores and once in a while talk with them to let them feel loved. But instead what i am get is the constant reminder of my so called mistakes.. today i stayed alone in a room for one whole hour and commiitted the mistake of this millenium as per my mom.. yes, this is my After ..
this is just another example of what happens with me atleast 5 times a day..
An engineer by profession, i am constantly lookin for what i can do to uplift my mood or may be keep myself occupied for atleast sometime in the day..
Social networking is hypothetically banmed for me by my beloveds as i am gonnu disappear into my phone if i interacted with my friends..
Anyways i take this as a bad experience which taught me many good things of life..

anyways, sharing all this just to get suggestions from u wise people to how to cope up with this sheer frustration.. looking for that ray of sunrise in a place where everything seems to be nothing but black….looking forward to a positive new start in life..