Looking at the kiddo me

Just saw my childhood clicks… and it struck to me.. What the hell..!! I was so damn ugly. I started reclicking these pictures in my phone to share with some of my close friends. However….. It struck to me..what if I become a joke amongst them.. What if my past of being mocked at comes back to haunt me..!
All of a sudden my sisi came by and started awwing these clicks.She reminded me of the best childhood days we have had together..
My reaction on looking these clicks was..I AM SO UGLY.. whilst she said .. U WERE SO CUTE AND INNOCENT..!!
Loved it. Was awwstruck once again that she loves me so much .. For once I had stopped believing myself. I started seeing myself through the eyes of the world. I realized  i was loosing confidence.. Then came the flashback of this ugly girl winning all the elloqution competitions she stood for.. mostly an amazing dancer and a bubbly topper in all grades .. I just thought of myself as a looser for all these years because I wasnt beautiful. But learnt the paradox of my life.. Yed I wasnt Beautiful then . I wasnt the most charming girl all guys would die for. In fact I was the one who used to be the topic of mockery when everybody was bored. But thats okay I learnt. Because I wouldnt have learnt so much so so much if it wouldnt have occured to me.I got my motive to start getting better because I was being commented at.. I accepted rejection from friends, family , acquaintances,teachers because I knee someday they ll all accept me how I am. And here I am .!  Back with a bang and call myself a winner .. ask me why and I’d say because I won the confidence once again.. I won over all the rejections I got as a kid.. I turned out strong enough to face any further blows in life..
Thank my wonderful family for being there for me always..
This one is for all those pretty ladies who have gone through such phases because of their looks.. My advice to all these girls is Just smile back at whoever ells you you are ugly. Smile back at the impairedn vision because they cant recognize ur beauty..
Always remeber.. “Happy girls are the Prettiest..” 🙂